Saturday 30th December

Sat in Neros, Mandy getting the drinks, Sarah on way back from Kintbury after getting her hair done.

Good day out with the Family yesterday.

Sat and watched F&F 8 , what a load of utter crap.

Had a issue with EE all resolved after a visit to Scott in the EE store.

Now here in Neros, going as i’m going to be watched…

Home now !!

All the routers are sorted, happy days…

The Day after Boxing Day

Well, woke up at 6.30 and no power, bummer, after all the shenanigans of yesterday we were going to have a quiet day watching a few films that we were given,

A revised plan might have to come in to effect. Might pop in to town and see what is going on. Write more as the day goes on….

Went to town, saw the Niece and the new BF.

Mooched about and then home, we thought that the power was back on, however this was not to be…

Finally came back on @ 6.

Watched Apollo 13 and one episode of Plant Earth II on the new TV, all very good.

See you tomorrow

Xmas Day 2017

Day started off by going to my cousins and seeing a few of my family, then home for a short period of time and then onto Thatcham.

Popped into friends place and then onto S-I-L’s for the evening.Will be seeing all of them at ours tomorrow, after all the work that we have put in there had better be some positive comments……

The First Post

Well, signed up here to get ready for Christmas and the New Year.

There will be a few challenges for 2018.

A massive desire to succeed and hit my personal achievement targets at work.

I turn 50 next year so a want to lose some weight and get fitter. In order to do this i will be going Slimming world in January to try and get myself in better shape.

A few extra bike rides as this is my hobby and doing the above should help.

So as this is Christmas Eve, i wish you all a Happy Xmas.