Monday 15th January

Loads done this morning.

Off to the first appointment and bit of a shock that the main man has resigned. Tried to go to the next dealer earlier, however this didn’t;t work out. Saw a prospect call when I was passing. One of my old customers from London, new account for me then.

Text Tristram to wish him a happy birthday.

All calls done and back home, parts had turned up for the MacBook, yippee !!

A phone call from her indoors and all was well.

A call from Sarah to say that she had hit a car in the carpark, ffs.

Lily not doing what she had said she was going to do…!! Another time and place..

Back to watch the football, Utd 2 up all ready.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday 14th January

Into town this morning and a catchup. Kitchen quote is bigger than anticipated…

A revamp needed? A lowering of sights? A Compromise required?

Sod it and get what you want, you will be living there for the next 15 years at a minimum, so put up and move on, or not as the case maybe.

A look around for some connectivity parts for the new MacBook left me frustrated and another meaningless trip to the shops.

Home again to sort out the relevant parts for this.

Poor nights sleep has left me a little tired today, might have to have a nap to catch up.

Anyway signing off speak soon.

Saturday 13th January

You know this week has just flown by.

A trip to Milton Keynes for a sales meeting and then back to my little world. Good call rates this week and the numbers are looking good. £221k so far which is great considering that we did £271k for the whole of Jan last year. It was suggested that our targets will be around a 4% increase on last year. So let’s see, that would mean a target of around £5.6m. With this in mind it would be good to finish in the mid £4’s. Crossed fingers and all that.

Bought a new MacBook today, got £250 pounds off and a price match with Argos for a further 10%, happy days because that makes I cheaper than buying it in America when we go.

S got her kitchen quote and it was little bit higher than she expected, a bit of a revamp is needed I think.

Well off to see Ellie for her ( early ) birthday. Ta-ta.

Monday 1st January

Got back from J @ L’s @ 3 this morning  !!

A good NYE, a bit of reflection on the year that was 2017.

My boy went this year and it still burdens me to this day.

Aunty Madge going too.

Work not so good.

However we are starting all of that with a clean slate and it will be good to go again.

Sarah over today for her Xmas day as she put it.

Over and out, catch you tomorrow……

Saturday 30th December

Sat in Neros, Mandy getting the drinks, Sarah on way back from Kintbury after getting her hair done.

Good day out with the Family yesterday.

Sat and watched F&F 8 , what a load of utter crap.

Had a issue with EE all resolved after a visit to Scott in the EE store.

Now here in Neros, going as i’m going to be watched…

Home now !!

All the routers are sorted, happy days…