May 9th 2020

Hello all,

For those of you that read this, i hope that you are well. Today has been a funny sort of day, got up at the standard time, did a few bits on the computer. Then when it was sensible went out and did the mowing.

Now i know that i am probably at the most substantial weight I’ve been, in all honesty, I’m worn out after that.

Then after a short respite, we had a family Zoom call. Well, i can take or leave it. I’m spending most of my week on Skype or similar, don’t need this at the weekend.

The family didn’t engage in too much, just bumbles and mumbles, nothing much to report.

For some reason, and i can’t put my finger on it, i was non-plussed by it all. Glad it was all over and back to something like normal.

I ran a bath, yes mid-afternoon, then sat outside in the garden for a while. Really to get something down on the blog.

Amid the lockdown, continually being in front of the work laptop, it’s been all too easy to sit there and do no physical exercise, while still eating nothing but rubbish. So the weight has gone up, what with not being able to go for a ride on the bike ( more in fear of having an issue, etc.)

Really must get cracking and get the weight to something where i should be. Serious thought needs to apply and get sorting. I could do with a long term goal similar to what i had last year ( Zip World )

Anyway signing off, will catch up again.

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