2019 Holiday…..

So we set off to go to North Wales at the end of August, a brave pill for the weather. We had a pretty full-on itinerary for the week. Zip World, Portmeirion, Coed Y Brenin Bike Park for a bit of Mountain biking, geocaching, etc. Snowdon. Alton Towers ( Yes I know! however, we have teenagers in the group ! ).

Manchester Shopping trip ( Yes I know! however, we have teenagers in the group ! ) And finally a bit of a mountain bike ride around Lynn Brenig.

So we set off @ 10 am on Friday 23, surprisingly brother in law was on time. Had to check that it was the right bloke…

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 11.31.15

So a little drive! We planned to stop for lunch near Telford on the way up.

Traffic was a nightmare; however, we arrived at around 5 pm. Sainsbury’s grocery delivery was due as there is not a lot of shops for the sheep to use ( but 4g, why do sheep need 4g ? )

Wi-Fi in the house, teenagers happy, and brother in law too. Serious phone addict.

House was excellent with plenty of space and a games room with pool, table football (author unbeaten by the way), darts and table tennis.

A busy day and tucked up for Zipworld tomorrow.

Zip World

I have covered my journey to this in another post and won’t elaborate on that anymore. We got to Zip World @ Bethesda.

Car Park was excellent, the staff welcoming. Nope, not signing the teenager consent form, over to Mum. We now need to sit and wait until our start process at 9.20.


So off we went and had the safety briefing and check the scales that any cake lovers can go. We were all passed, boiler suits on ready to cook, all harnesses checked, twice. Lids found, goggles we can see through, to a fashion. Right off to the baby wire that is 400 meters and about 50 mph..


So we split into two groups as there were Mum ( needs more cake ) and the two teenagers and the two old gits ( with air brakes as we do like a cake or two ). Onto the table face down, feet onto the bar behind you, all locked in, two members of staff check all the harness, again. 3-2-1 and were off, it was quite quick; however, none of us were nervous.


Right Zip 1 done now onto the big one. 15-minute lorry rattle to the summit — what a view from the top.

Another safety briefing can’t be too careful. This ride can go up to 85 mph.


Teenager going down the run . Kristen Zip World – The Big One

Brother In Law going down the run . Jedi Zip World – The Big One

And finally Rich Zip World – The Big One

All done and the obligatory photo at the end.


A brilliant morning. A spot of lunch and then off to Portmeirion , be seeing you…


So the venue that is famously known for the 60’s tv series, The Prisoner.

And below the motley crue.


All done for the day, and a final look at the water…

Ok, so day two, the group were doing different things today. The In-Laws and i were going to ride The Minortaur Trail at Coed Y Brenin while three others are all about the GEO Caching. Two others following up a little later.

So we went onto our ride.


Brother In Law and his twin, Sister in Law wearing the pink top for clarification..


Customary Scenery shot.

It’s noted that on holiday, someone ( Mandy ) dropped a clanger and called a selfie a facey. So with that in mind, here is a facey from the bike crew.


And this is the route that we did,

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 13.57.25

Lap 1

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 13.57.43

All home and a well earned Chinese for supper, tomorrow..Snowdon..

It has to be said that we went up on the train….





Another Facey…

Meanwhile on the way up…


At the top.




Right enough of all that, time to walk down the Mountain. Mandy and Lily taking the soft option of taking the train.

We were persuaded by Jedi to walk down the Miners Track, well following are the pictures.


1085 metres down


It’s the track that forks down steeper

20190826_110614495_iOS 120190826_111605950_iOS 1

20190826_111613168_iOS20190826_111626741_iOS 1

About halfway.


The tall pointy thing ( Mountain ) is where we walked from

And now the obligatory finished facey.20190826_130431539_iOS

All knackered, won’t be able to walk again, here are the numbers.

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 16.04.25

Nice bit of lunch at Moel Siabod Cafe the scones were huge !!

So all back home to clean up. Tomorrow Alton Towers, if we can walk.

Well, we arrived at Alton Towers after a two and half hour drive, what a bloody mess of getting into the park. A royal kick up the arse required.

Anyway, all queuing for the Congo rapids and here is the obligatory facey…


So as you may or not know, I have been on a weight loss journey, and you can read that here:- This Year

Last year I damaged my right shoulder and did in the rotator cup, this meant most of the previous year, not Mountain Biking but also significantly i didn’t go on much when we all went to Thorpe Park. Mainly because of my shoulder but also the size that i was.

With the confidence of getting to this weight, i was sure that i could go on some of the rides. Well, Chantal ( the niece that keeps getting me to go places ). Off we went.

The Wicker Man – All ok

Congo River Rapid – Just about

Nemesis – All ok

Oblivion – All ok

Smiler – All ok

13 – All ok

Rita – All ok

Didn’t get on Galactica, ran out of time, however, the ride stopped while we were on Smiler ( Ooops )


In fairness, the staff were excellent and looked after us well. Off home then for a quick steak at the Miller & Carter.

Wednesday, Shopping @ Trafford Centre, Manchester. What can I say but two 50-year-old blokes and six women shopping, what could possibly be better?

So the final day and a little trip to Betws-y-Coed, such a lovely little town.


Lunch at Station Cafe, not too bad.

So onto the packing of the car and getting ready to head home.

Pic of the house.


And the view from the house.


So we started our journey home and stopped off at The Grazing Cow for lunch ( we stopped there on the way up too ) cheap and cheerful. And then onto the final part of our journey home.

Modern Family


All in all a really active, enjoyable, scenic holiday, We did a lot, far more than i anticipated, however, all the goals that i set i achieved. We didn’t kill each other, and even the teenagers got along.
I have to say that they were good company. Chantal and i walked down the mountain, and we were ride buddies at Alton Towers. She, and Kristen, was a delight to be with; however, i was quite happy Chantal went shopping with her Dad.

The In-Laws were good fun, along with the ministry of silly walks that we endured after the Snowdon walk.

Even though Mandy and Lily couldn’t do as much as the rest of us, they had a good time.

We came, we saw, conquered a bit and returned in one piece.

Well, that’s about it, thanks to North Wales, you surprised us with the weather, hospitality and stunning scenery.



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