Saturday 13th January

You know this week has just flown by.

A trip to Milton Keynes for a sales meeting and then back to my little world. Good call rates this week and the numbers are looking good. £221k so far which is great considering that we did £271k for the whole of Jan last year. It was suggested that our targets will be around a 4% increase on last year. So let’s see, that would mean a target of around £5.6m. With this in mind it would be good to finish in the mid £4’s. Crossed fingers and all that.

Bought a new MacBook today, got £250 pounds off and a price match with Argos for a further 10%, happy days because that makes I cheaper than buying it in America when we go.

S got her kitchen quote and it was little bit higher than she expected, a bit of a revamp is needed I think.

Well off to see Ellie for her ( early ) birthday. Ta-ta.

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